Aromatherapy Workshops, until June 24
On topics as diverse and varied as:
Making a " tiger balm"
Aromatherapy for pregnant women (yes, it’s possible!)
The art of bathing with essential oils
Essential Oils & Children

Workshop Program:
Friday, March 27th: At 8:30 pm: Take a bath with Essential Oils?
Saturday, April 4th: 9h to 10h: ALL CHOCO: prepare a massage, scrub & wrap with CHOCOLATE
Wednesday, April 15th: At 8:30 pm: How to diffuse Essential Oils ?, why ?, which ones?
Wednesday,  May 20th: At 8:30 pm: Essential Oils & Allergies. Getting rid of  mites.
Wednesday,  June 24th: At 8:30 pm: Essential Oils & Children