Welcome to the world of sensuality and unique textures of Cinq Mondes.
Derived from ancestral customs of beauty from around the world, a Journey of olfactory and sensory rhythms from the extraordinary rituals of each continent. 


Radiance Facial Massage Treatment

- «Balinese Flower Ritual®» 20min -

Enjoy the delicate scents of tropical flowers in this "stroke of radiance" treatment inspired by Balinese beauty rituals, and discover its benefits combining skin cleansing, well being and beauty.

Skin Perfecting Facial Massage Treatment

- «Balinese Flowers and Fruits Ritual ®» 50 min -

Genuine cleansing treatment, perfecting the skin with a Balinese beauty ritual. Take full advantage of the natural, active ingredients in tropical flowers and natural fruit acids (AHAs) to uncover a purified and radiant skin,  for a smooth and sublime complexion.

Sublime Facial Treatment

- "Five Flower Rituals®" 50 min -

Derived from a Balinese Ritual, this facial treatment tones and illuminates the skin. Thanks to the combination of extracts from five tropical flowers together with a face, neck and shoulder massage, the skin is cleansed and the complexion is brighter.

Ko Bi Do Facial Massage Treatment

- Global Anti-Aging 80 min -

Genuine "global anti-aging" treatment, this manual lifting inspired by the Japanese massage "Ko Bi Do", acts in depth on wrinkles, firmness, pigment spots and radiance, and focuses on the contours of the eyes, the mouth , the neck and the arms. You uncover a soft, smoothed skin, a radiant complexion and a perfectly relaxed mind.

Ko Bi Do Facial Massage Treatment

- Lifting and Firming 50 min -

Inspired by an ancestral Japanese ritual "Ko Bi Do", a true facelift, this "anti-wrinkle" treatment acts on the entire face and neck, through deep movements, to regain a toned, smoothed, and firm skin.