Discover all the magic of Decleor's Complete Rituals.
Unique and exceptional,
The universe Aroma-cosmetic DECLEOR will enchant you.
Practiced at Ahimsa following methodically the artistry the brand created for you.
An Aromatic know-how à la Française.

ATELIER DECLÉOR - Treatments Card

Facial: Aromaplastie - 1 hour

This facial treatment is a real wonder!
Famously called Decléor's "Breakfast for the Face", it is pure rejuvenation...
The key moment of this Wellbeing Ritual being the posing of the muesli, the Aromaplastie is tailored to each type of skin:
Neroli: moisturizing
Angélique: nourishing
Ylang-Ylang: purifying
Rose of the Orient: calming
Mandarin: smoothing
Iris: firming
Discover and savor the unmistakable Aromessences, Decléor’s balms and creams with essential oils ...

Facial: Express Discovery or Teenagers - 45 minutes

Whether it is to discover what a high-end facial treatment is, a quick treatment because you only have a little time, or a skin cleansing for teenagers ...
Decléor's Discovery Facial Treatment will meet any of these specific expectations.

Facial: Look Vital - 15 minutes

Stomps out the fatigue and overwork on your face.
Active ingredients: Melilot, Blueberry, Ivy ...