cinq mondes et ahimsa le spa
Cinq Mondes and Ahimsa the Spa
Welcome to the world of sensuality and unique textures of Cinq Mondes.
Derived from ancestral customs of beauty from around the world, a Journey of olfactory and sensory rhythms from the extraordinary rituals of each continent. 

Cinq Mondes - Treatments Card

Tonifying Ayurvedic Indian Massage

- 50 min or 80 min -

Discover, within this ancestral Indian massage with invigorating with hot oil, a variety of alternating rhythms, nourished by the scent of Vanilla and Cardamom ...

Relaxing Balinese Massage

- 50 or 80 min -

Inspired by an ancestral Balinese ritual, this massage mixing traditional gliding massage and gentle Thai stretching, is a sensory escape with "Tropical Nut Balm®"

Ayurvedic Ritual

- Ayurvedic Scrub & Massage 80 min -

Oils with nourishing and restorative properties, recognized for millennia, infused with an olfactory bouquet of Vanilla and Cardamom.

Ritual of Siam

- Radiant Body Scrub & Relaxing Balinese Massage 80 min -

In the Kingdom of Siam (ancient Thailand), in order to remove impurities and restore the skin to its full radiance women and men use papaya, spice and herb scrubs such as "Boreh," an ancient remedy for warriors, combining soft stretches from the Thai tradition, and traditional Balinese gliding massage creating deep relaxation and softening the joints.