As always, in its most refined version.

At Ahimsa, the simple pleasures of life rhyme with creativity.
Personalized care according to your desires, what you need at this moment ...
Choose your theme from the options available, and enjoy.
Smile, at Ahimsa you won’t pay for the "Wiped Cream On Top", so you can really choose what makes you happy, we take care of the rest without any surprises when paying ;-)
-Delicate in the slowness and lightness of the gestures, refined essential oils
-Deep, Intense, Sporty with regional plants, powerful essential oils
-Real Deep Tissue with Aloe Vera Cream Gel
-Hot Oils or Massage Candles
-Hot Stones and Cold Marble
-Steam Towels
All of our oils are organic .... made "In House" or FLORAME Brand, according to your preference.


Dance for the feet - 30 min

- Your feet become the focus of our attention -

A Moment of Happiness, to forget the residual  strains of our every step ...
Shoes for elegance, performance or extravagance!
Enjoy a treatment to erase everything and start again with the stride of a renewed well-being.
Welcome ritual in a Bath of salts and plants, relaxing massage, freshness, heat, perfumed essences.

Relaxation of the back - 30 min

- The Grand Classic in an exclusive format -

If one had to choose only one ... yes, certainly it would obviously be the relaxation of the back muscles. Simple. . . with the added detail that Ahimsa practitioners know how to listen to specific areas of tension, and relax them with infinite patience and formidable proficiency.
It is the ideal choice to check if our establishments correspond perfectly to what you are looking for.
An ideal discovery.
The everyday Express relaxation our "regulars" ....
You leave again and available for the rest of your day.

Light Legs - 30 min

- Re-circulate the fluids, relieve the tensions -

This relaxation is fundamental.
We can shape it, for example, into a delicate session of  fluid gestures to work on the circulation.
Or, to target our work on the relaxation of muscular tension, whether athletic or postural.
It is ideal after a session in the mountains, skiing, cycling  ...
For anyone who feels that the bottom of his body needs to breathe, to renew the ease of movement in their stride.

Shoulder Head - 30 min

- Empty-out, release the stress -

The Great Joy of intellectuals and stressed people ....
Let yourself melt, put your brain on the table and pick it up later. Stop thinking. Empty-out.
Just enjoy the feeling of our fingers working precisely to untie your worries.
Absolute happiness.