Discover all the magic of Decleor's Complete Rituals.
Unique and exceptional,
The universe Aroma-cosmetic DECLEOR will enchant you.
Practiced at Ahimsa following methodically the artistry the brand created for you.
An Aromatic know-how à la Française.

Decléor - Treatments Card

Body: Aroma body wrap - 1h30

In addition to the Aromamozaïc ... An Exceptional moment wrapped in nourishing Citrus Butter or warming Ground Spices, according to the needs of your body, your skin ....

Body: Aromamozaïc - 1h15

In addition to the Aromassage, the famous Fruit Seed Scrub ...
The voluptuousness of exfoliated, soft skin, which breathes and is nourished by Massage Balm.
Ideal after the Hammam or Sauna!

Body: Aromassage - 1 hour

The magic of the emblematic Decléor massage balms
With Incense, Cypress and Lemongrass
RELAX, for a moment of deep relaxation,
FLOW, ritual for circulation and drainage,
TONIC, energizing, focused on muscular tension,
Energizing for men ...
Including its unique welcoming ritual "Touche  Aromatique ", gentle and warm contact with the skin ... and massage techniques created for you by the specialists of "Signatures" treatments ....