" L'excellence d'Ahimsa is simply the best moment of massage you can receive in a lifetime.”  That’s what our customers have called it.
Ahimsa Spas are the only places to live this Unique Experience, stemming from more than 15 years of Research, Practice and Creativity ... at a very high level of education.
Breath, slowness, listening ....
Step by step the movement is revealed,
From discretion to collaboration,
A space of Confidence,
Allowing you to be your Self,
Let yourself go in to the relaxation.
A careful hand,
Seeks, kneads, relaxes.
At the crossroads of your Breath,
At the bifurcation of your emotions,
To walk together to discover your most wonderful inner territories.
And finally to lay down, in this impulse of surrender, all the weight of life.
To be no more than Light breeze,
Free and rested.
Step by step, one goes,
On the Path of this Touching and and Unforgettable time out of time.
This massage can only be practiced by practitioners who have completed all the teaching cycles of the Ahimsa school. They have a great mastery of palpatory anatomy, various methods of muscular massage, liberation of movement and respiration, isotonics, Deep Tissue and Trigger points .... but especially Show humility, quality of presence, concentration, centering, generosity, sincerity.
And a rare thing nowadays True Love, dare we say it, for the Human, there, placed on the massage table, who gives them the inestimable gift of his confidence. In a world of well-being where "protocols" do not exist. "

Speech given at the Palace "Le Bristol" in Paris, on September 12, 2016 by Isabelle TROMBERT on the occasion of the presentation of Trophies of the Charte Qualité Spa-a of which Ahimsa is Laureate.  (The most demanding French recognition in the Spa industry)
The Excellence of Ahimsa is the only treatment on our menu where we leave the Brand protocols  and the Traditional protocols to realize a session created for you in relation to YOUR tensions and YOUR needs.
We put our full line of products at our disposal for you to have the most enjoyable sensory experieince, "Mountain plants macerates made in house", DECLEOR or CINQ MONDES products .... everything is possible.

Excellence AHIMSA - Treatments Card

Excellence of AHIMSA

- Format 1 hour 30 minutes - 165 € -

Sometimes our customers really wait much too long before making an appointment .... and the body is in such a level of tension there is a need to engage in a larger project.
If so, you have the possibility to reserve 2 excellence of AHIMSA massages of  1 hour, 24 hours apart .... or a full 1 hour 30 minutes treatment.
This longer massage allows us to go into detail with each body part.
A really good back massage sometimes requires 30 minutes, exceptionally 40 if it is particularly tense ....
There is just as much to do in the lower leg where we hold all of  tensions associated with our posture and our walking!
Take the time for a deep relaxation of the neck, shoulders and hands.
In short, your body is a universe to explore and taking the time gives yourself an unforgettable moment that our customers have the pleasure of recalling, many years after having experienced it.


Excellence of AHIMSA

- 1 hour format - 125 € -

After listening carefully, to how you feel in your body at the time of your massage;
After observing and verifying with you the postural organization of your tensions and their location;
Finding what type of Touch you need to receive and how you want to feel at the end of the massage ....
The Ahimsa Practitioner will create a unique massage for you in the choice of rhythm, depth, and the unique story told by the hand,
He thus creates an Exceptional Massage, just perfect for you, which inevitably includes:
Mobilization and movement of limbs and joints
Passive stretching
The isotonics and the counter-resistances necessary to release the overflow of tensions retained in the muscles
The release of localized tensions at 3 levels of depth
Freeing the respiration
The alignment of the 7 stages of the body
All this constitutes the Original version of the  AHIMSA Method.


Excellence of AHIMSA Senior

- Format 1 hour 30 minutes - 195 € -

This massage is the best that can be found in the well-being sector in France today.
It is only given by our Practitioners with more than 10 years of experience, they embody the very spirit of what AHIMSA is.
In this massage, the maturity that comes from practice and years of studying various techniques allow the Professional to draw on resources and tools beyond the norm.
The practitioner has a carte blanche to employ their full range of competences in order to transmit their deep understanding of the mechanics of your body. If you ask them, they able to communicate technically what is happening in your muscular-skeletal system.
They can accompany you on your path of natural and preventative health, helping you to develop and maintain your postural balance.