Special treatments for Men, face and body, from sports recovery massage to world rituals ...

GENTLEMEN’S CORNER - Treatments Card

Absolutely Exclusive

- Body care -

A relaxing pause, especially for you, gentlemen ...
Aromassage Decleor, fresh & tonic woody fragrances 


- 30 or 60 minutes -

Treatment targeted at specific muscular tensions, with, why not, some recovery stretches, and boosted effectiveness with comfrey and other essential oils.

George's secret

- Facial Treatment -

Complete elegance, find your "first class" look.
An illuminated, rejuvenated face  &  "good-looking" effect guaranteed.
Decléor intensely energizing face care.

Legendary Indonesia

- Massage with pouches -

A traditional ancestral ritual, let your body detoxify and purify under the intense heat of these spice filled pouches.