It is fundamental to define our values ​​and our commitment to the natural dimension of our profession.
At Ahimsa nobody works with paraffin based mineral oils. All of our massage oils are natural, and none of our products are "cut".
We offer you three possibilities in the choice of products for your massage:
Homemade preparations  which are naturally harvested, distilled and infused 
Decleor brand Aroma-Cosmetics. 
The Cinq Môdes line of products, offering sensory journeys from the 5 continents. 
The core of our business is use the power of plants embodied in organic and natural essential oils.
Our entire team is trained in scientific and energetic Aromatherapy.
Isabelle TROMBERT, Founder of Ahimsa, has been teaching Aromatherapy since 2004.

For us, ethics is not only a question of words, appearance or belonging to any passing mode.
Ahimsa’s ethic is above all a reflection of the deep values ​​that we all share, as practitioners, developers or decision-makers.
That is why we present OUR Ethics,
Representing our Values ​​of Treatment Practices, Human Values, Quality Values ​​and Eco-Responsible Values