Stimulation of specific acupuncture or "trigger" points.
Reflexology techniques are diverse and bring all their specificity to bear on your well-being.
After an effort, or to relax.


REFLEXOLOGIES - Treatments Card

Multi reflexology - 1 hour

- The art of combined reflexology -

To bring together in one treatment the benefits of the three great reflexologies: Plantar, Palmar, Facial ...
For a superb moment of relaxation and sensations of harmony in the most receptive areas of our body.
A moment of pure equilibrium.

Facial Reflexology - 30 min

- Create a vacuum, quiet the busy mind -

The best way to empty and completely release the mind in record time!
The feeling is incredibly relaxing and impressively effective.

Palm Reflexology - 30 min

- Using the reflex zones of the hands -

The same method as plantar reflexology, palmar reflexology uses the reflex zones of the hand ... a notable detail, it is particularly useful to overcome the problem of sensitive feet.
It is in high demand from people in the manual trades to whom it brings very deep relaxation.

Plantar Reflexology - 30 min

- Stimulation of the reflex zones of the feet -

The best-known form of reflexology.
The practitioner uses the reflex zone of the feet to accompany you towards optimum wellbeing.