Discover the purity of tradition in our rituals

Trust the tradition of ancestral knowledge.
Journey into the time of the "Ritual" ... in the original version …to the source,....
It is by exploring these traditions that we discover other universes, foreign scents, other experiences ... superb, delicious.
For the pleasure of feeling your body in the light of further possibility.



- The Great Polynesian tradition -

Relaxing fluid, gliding and enveloping with the oil of Monoi.
An alternation of movements symbolizing the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water, the latter being the famous movements carried out with the forearms, passing over and under the body.
An incredibly deep, liberating feeling.

Tibetan Relaxation

- Singing Bowls -

A journey ... A journey into the heart of sounds and vibrations.
Close your eyes, take a breath, and exhale slowly.
Let the sounds penetrate inside your ear, let the vibrations encounter every cell in your body.
Here you are... closer to yourself, your intimacy and your interiority.

Siamese Pouches Ritual - 1 hour

- A moment of warmth and intensity -

Your body is massaged in an extremely tonic way, and then patted with steamed pouches filled spices and plants.
This Ritual is incredibly detoxifying and draining.
Powerful and intense it is especially appreciated by connoisseurs and people who like deep massage