"The madly passionate fans ...
... of well-being, movement, breathing, letting go into the release of tension, relaxation, the sweetness of life, the bodies inner dance, simplicity, quality, transparency, laughter. ... of silence, space and time.
More concretely, we are, also, the team from the Ahimsa school.
All Ahimsa Practitioners are graduates of our training center, whether through their initial training or continuing education.
All embody the same quality of mastery of their art and bring the same degree of exigency in the care they give to each and every client.
All are sincere in the generosity and attention they bring to you.
Isabelle TROMBERT, the Founder of Ahimsa, created the network of Ahimsa Spas and Wellness Centers such that the full value of her teaching could, finally, find a context for expression, which matches the skills of her students and alumni.
  Discover her full story and her books  at isabelletrombert.com "